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Periodic Table Playing Cards (PC-P301)
by Les Entreprises SynHeme Inc.

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ISBN-10:   0973950668
ISBN-13:   9780973950663
Publisher:   Les Entreprises SynHeme Inc.
Category:   Science Books
Format:   Cards/Flash Cards

Games Cards Science
A double deck of regular playing cards with the Periodic Table Elements. Each card features one element, it has the atomic number, name of the element in English, French and Spanish, the mass, the category, melting and boiling points, period and group, natural state and common usages. A great learning aid.

Want to learn your periodic table?
? Regular double deck of playing cards
? One element per card
? Atomic number
? Name in English,French and Spanish
? Symbol
? Atomic mass
? Standard state
? Series
? Melting and boiling points
? Period and Group
? Usages
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