We're Amazing 1,2,3! a Story about Friendship and Autism (Sesame Street) ( Big Golden Book )
by Kimmelman, Leslie

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ISBN-10:   1524766216
ISBN-13:   9781524766214
Publisher:   Golden Books
Category:   Beginning Readers, Special Needs
Pub. Date:   September 2017
Format:   Hardcover
Ages:   3 to 7

A Sesame Street Big Golden Book about a new character with autism. We're Amazing 1,2,3! is the first Sesame Street storybook to focus on autism, which, according to the most recent US government survey, may, in some form, affect as many as one in forty-five children. It's part of Sesame Street's autism initiative that has expanded to include a new character with autism. Elmo introduces his longtime friend Julia to Abby, who's a little confused at first because Julia isn't saying hello. Elmo explains that Julia has autism, so she does things a little differently. Julia sometimes avoids direct eye contact, flaps her arms when she's excited, and is sensitive to some noises. But Abby soon learns that she also has a lot of things in common with Julia. All kids want love, friendship, and to have fun! They are all wonderful, each in his or her own way. See amazing in all children through the Sesame Street Autism Resources Page: http: //autism.sesamestreet.org/
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